Guest harbours

Halmstad has three guest harbours. You can choose to moor near the city, next to our forests or by a pearl necklace of beaches!

Halmstad – In the heart of the city

In the heart of the city, on the eastern bank of the Nisan river, Halmstad’s guest harbour has a view across to Halmstad Castle. An 800-metre walk takes you into central Halmstad and its beautiful pedestrian precincts full of shops and restaurants. It is the same distance to Halmstads Teater and the Röda Kvarn cinema. The guest harbour is run by BK Najaden. Facilities include a marina fuel station for diesel and petrol as well as an environmental station for emptying black water.

Grötvik – A stone quarryman’s story

Grötvik’s guest harbour is next to a beautiful, old, stone quarry. A walk of around four kilometres along the lovely Prince Bertil’s trail takes you to Tylösand’s wonderful sands and pulsating summer life. Alternatively, you can take a bus into Halmstad and experience the city centre, full of history and shops.

A five-kilometre walk away is Mjellby Art Museum. Its exhibitions include the works of the Halmstad Group. NOTE Mjellby Art Museum is currently closed for renovation and will reopen on September 7, 2024. On the way to Mjellby, there is Möllegård with its delightful nature reserve and World of Riccardo with its glorious, home-made ice creams.

Skallkroken – Near beach and forest

On Halmstad’s northern coast, there is Haverdal and the ravishing Skallkroken. You can stop in Skallkroken’s small-boat marina. This is close to both beach and forest. Around three kilometres away, Haverdal nature reserve is full of meandering trails, magical “troll pines” and large sand dunes. One of these latter is Lynga sand dune. Rising 37 metres above sea level, it is Scandinavia’s highest.

Right next to Skallkroken is Skallen, a hill with unique stone formations left over from the stone quarry days. Two kilometres northeast, there is Särdals Kvarn, one of the Nordic countries’ largest windmills. In the summer, it offers a cosy café and a shop. Both are open every day.

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