Stay in nature – shelters, tents and wild camp

Want to wake up to the sound of rippling water and birdsong? In Halmstad there are many cosy campsites with permanent shelters. Want to enjoy nature, but in a little bit more comfort? Try glamping! For those looking for more adventure and a challenge – take the chance to try the Wild Camp.

 Gyltige campsite with a view of Gyltigesjön

Gyltige campsite with a view of Gyltigesjön. Photo: Hallandsleden

Shelters in the forest

In Halmstad there are permanent shelters mainly along the hiking trail Hallandsleden External link, opens in new window. in the northeastern part of the municipality. Here you and your group take care of yourselves. The campsites have dry toilets and fireplaces. You can make a fire in the fireplaces at the shelters. If a prohibition on lighting fires is in force, then you cannot light one anywhere. Please see External link, opens in new window. or download the app Brandrisk ute (Fire Risk Outdoors) External link, opens in new window., which helps you to keep track of the fire risk in the forest and open country.

Don't forget to follow the ö and take care of our campsites so that others can enjoy them. Get rid of rubbish when you get home or use the rubbish bins at the shelters. At the bottom of the page you can see the shelters marked on a map.

Döbla  camp site

Döbla camp site. Photo: Hallandsleden

Gyltige campsite

In Gyltige, in the northern part of Simlångsdalen, there are a number hiking trails, which vary in length from three to just over 13 kilometres. Read some tips on day trips on our page Superb day trips on foot. The shelter in Gyltige is located at the start of Giltge's hiking trails. If you are going along Hallandsleden Trail External link, opens in new window. you have to take a little detour to get here. Once there, it's worth the extra distance. At Gyltige campsite you have a beautiful view of Gyltigesjön and access to a fireplace, drinking water and dry toilet. The two shelters have room for 4–5 adults each.

Döbla campsite

In northern Slättåkra, northwest of Oskarström, you will find the beautiful Döbla campsite where the Döbla river divides. As well as a fireplace, there is also a dry toilet nearby. The shelter has room for 4–5 adults.

Ryet campsite

Ryet campsite is located a few kilometres east of Oskarström. At Ryet there is a fireplace, as well as a dry toilet and firewood nearby. The shelter is beautifully located right next to Sennanån and can accommodate 4–5 adults. Why not make a detour to Virsehatt Nature Reserve, which is Halland's oldest reserve and has an interesting history.

 Ryet camp site

Ryet camp site Photo: Hallandsleden

North of Halmstad

If you continue northwards along Hallandsleden trail External link, opens in new window. there are several pleasant shelters. Such as Sandsjön along the eastern trail at Rydöbruk in Hylte municipality. Along the western trail you will find Frodeparken in Falkenberg municipality about 7 km from the Döbla campsite.

South of Halmstad

If you choose instead to go south along the Hallandsleden trail External link, opens in new window., you will come to Mästocka campsite in Laholm municipality. The campsite is located almost exactly halfway between Simlånsdalen and Knäred. If you go further there are also two campsites in Knäred – Krokån shelter and Västralt.

 Fire burning by a lake

Wild Camp

Do you like challenges or have you dreamed of being in Robinson or Wild Kids? Take the opportunity - sign up yourself and your family or friends to Vinnalt Wild Camp External link, opens in new window.. As a participating family, you get to try out everything from the obstacle course, canoeing and water competitions to a series of other secret "Robinson-inspired" competitions.

Wild Camp is all about comradeship, families and friends competing against each other, rooting for each other and being happy together. Hopefully you will bring back something of what you have learned to your everyday life at home. Accommodation in tents is included during the weekend.

Tent at Bengtzelis Glamping in Halmstad

Photo: Bengtzelis Glamping

Camping in tents in nature

Your own tent

Do you have your own tent and want to pitch it? You may camp in the great outdoors for the occasional 24-hour period. Remember to follow the right of public access and do not disturb the landowner or damage flora or fauna. Find a place a good distance from dwelling houses where the ground is firm and not used for pasture, agriculture or other planting.

Pitching a tent is forbidden in several nature reserves. You can see what applies in the nature reserves that you plan to visit on the Halland County Administrative Board website (swe) External link, opens in new window.. There may also be a ban on camping in some natural areas outside nature reserves.

Do you want to use your own tent, but with access to toilets and other amenities? Visit one of our lovely camping sites.

Glamping – a luxury tent experience in the countryside

For those who don't want to give up life’s little luxuries, glamping is the perfect way to enjoy being close to nature. We have collected some Glamping tips in Halmstad on a separate page.

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