Accommodation, packages and bike retals

Choosing accommodations with that little extra will help you get even more out of your cycling experience. Want help planning your trip? No problem! Book a package and everything will be taken care of.

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Here we have gathered accommodations along the entire trail. Choose from hotels, cozy farms, campsites, and lovely guesthouses.


In Halmstad, there are several accommodations to choose from. For more about accommodations in Halmstad, take a look at, External link, opens in new window. where you will find one page with hotels External link, opens in new window. and another page with hostels. External link, opens in new window.







Other locations

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Get even more out of your cycling experience by booking a cycling package. Here we will soon collect even more cycling packages.

Gylleneturer – Forest and lake

Gylleneturer arranges cycling packages along Hylteleden Trail. The Forest and Lake bicycle package follows the Hylteleden Trail and starts and ends at Halmstad and goes into towards. A package in Halland's more unknown hinterland which, in addition to silence, forest, lakes and wilderness, is teeming with enterprising entrepreneurs who offer exciting and varied accommodations.

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Bike rental

Halmstad and Simlångsdalen


Many residents also have bicycles that they lend to their guests!